We came home with a new NAC!

I think I forgot my dog doesn't run well on the astro turf. Buzz runs well on it, and I love it because it's air conditioned, but I think Bailey was running cautiously. After three slow, for her, runs I took her to Michelle, the massage therapist. She said there didn't appear to be anything wrong. A bit tight on one side, but nothing bad. My dog tried, but certainly wasn't flying.

We missed a tunnel entrance in tunnelers, so over time and NQ.
ALMOST got the chances challenge, but I got a back jump, so NQ.

Q and 3rd in Jumpers! She ran better, but at one point slowed to a trot around a corner. That definitely made me think it's the surface.

Q and 2nd in Regular to finish her NAC!

She tried today, I just don't think astro turf is her thing. We run there again next weekend, but it's AKC so we'll have more time. After that, I guess no more air conditioning for Bailey and I!

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