I love my new camera. That doesn't mean I actually know how to use it yet. This is the best of what I took, as you'll see. I'm uploading the outtakes because they're pretty darn funny. Anyways, here's Bailey with her 2 Q ribbons, 2 placement ribbons, and 1 new title ribbon for her NAC!


And on to the humor!

Insert your own captions...




mlc said...

Beautiful ribbons. Happy dog. Enjoyed checking out some of the other dog blogs in your blog list.
Koko is on holiday a bit. We have a break in classes right now.
However we had fun on a "funday" and tried out the agility course. She loved it all..but the tunnel. I'll have to work on that. Soo. maybe agility will be in the future.

Megan said...

Agility is quite addicting. I love obedience and the other sports we do, but agility has something else. The need for speed! :-)

There's quite a few great blogs out there. A few have great photos, and a few have great training advice!