Buzz rarely lays down in the car (this was after their CERFs, so his eyes were still dilated). This is one of few pictures that really captures him.

Gee, think the princess is a little self-centered? Yep, she hogs the WHOLE seat and he's too much of a nice guy to tell her to move until he gets REALLY tired. I end up feeling sorry for him and tell her to stand up, him to lie down, and then she curls up in a ball like a good sister.

Evil girl dog.

By the way... they are both wearing Roadies with a "name tag" that says "Hi, my name is Buzz/Bailey. If I am alone, I am lost! If I am injured, please call my vet. These numbers will reach my family cell & home. HomeAgain # and chip #." And of course, the standard "going out" Lupine (combo collar) martingales that have Boomerang Collartags visible as well as microchip and rabies tags in a quiet spot.

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