Bailey videos


We tried and failed at C-WAGS for the most part.
Seek Dropped Item. While heeling the judge will instruct the handler to drop a retrievable item. The item is to be carried in the handler’s right hand and dropped subtly to the ground next to the handler’s path when instructed by the judge. Handler continues heeling forward following judges directions. After the team has proceeded at least 25’ from the dropped item the judge will instruct the handler to about turn and halt, facing the end of the ring in which the item was dropped. The judge will instruct the handler to “Seek”. Handler will cue the dog to seek/retrieve. Dog should go directly to the item and return with the item to a front position.
(we really need to practice that whole about turn immediate halt thing... oops?)

freestyle stuff is embarrassing, I walk like a dork while she weaves between my legs

itty bitty heeling clip

yeah, I need to actually train my dog(s) haha

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