Trial Preparations

As I work with (I'm working with technology tonight, that, in itself, is impressive) the printer to finish course maps and armbands and other such necessary things for the APDT trial tomorrow... I actually have time to think about other things relating to trialling.

I still seem to pack the same amount of "stuff" and use the same packing list.
-crate & pad & cover
-treats (many different kinds)
-clean up bags

I still prepare the same way.
-bathe dog
-trim nails
-clean ears

Except these days, the dogs are usually along for the ride.  We may enter the ring once or twice, but nothing like we used to (up to 6 runs/day).  In fact, Bailey can't play this weekend, but she'll be along.  Buzz is entered, if he feels like playing in the ring with me we will.  If not, then he'll schmooze the crowd like he always does.

So I pack a few extras.  I've got some stuffed Kongs for first thing in the morning.  Biscuits to jam in the Kongs later in the day.  Beef ribs for chewing on throughout the day.  I'll probably pack a food toy or two as well.  And since they both seem to get pretty thirsty with all that chewing, I'll dig out the water buckets for inside crates.  If the Treat and Train didn't make so much noise, I'd bring that along too.

Oh, and the big difference is now I bring the BIG crates along.  A bonus of being the trial secretary is that I get to set up my crates the night before.  We've got prime crating space near where I'll be working and there was enough room for "leisure crates" rather than the skimpy trial crates we used to bring along.

Now, speaking of clean dogs... I should go finish that task!

If anyone's looking for excitement tomorrow, come on out to the trials!


Kristen said...

I would come but I couldn't get there in time. And your jet won't come pick me up.

Will you come bathe my dog for his show on Sunday?

Eliz said...

Would you like to come wash my dog as well?

elegy said...

Wow... you bathe your dogs for trials? LOL What a good person you are.

Of course, most of the places I trial in rally have dirt floors....