Excessively Excessive

The dogs and I had a very busy day today.  We love busy days and this is two Sundays in a row that have been long, busy, happy days.

We went to shaping class/training group in the morning, visited Robin at work, and then went on a walk with Frodo (and his humans... we convinced Ryan to walk Buzz because then everyone had a dog).  The dogs and I left about 9 this morning and returned about 7:15pm.  I expected all of us to be exhausted due to the excessively long day but... we're all just kinda sufficiently tired.  Actually, that's a lie.  Buzz has shown no signs of being tired, he handled the whole day with ease and never actually tripped over himself on the walk.  (I've been monitoring him (excessively) to see when/why/how he manages to trip and hurt himself.  I expect it to be when he's fatigued, but it never happened on our walk.  The difference-we spent 85% of our walk on grass.  We normally walk on asphalt or sidewalks.)  Anyway, I'm finishing up some things for work, Bailey is zonked out and... Buzz is chewing on a bone.  He didn't even really sleep on the way home.  His energy level is excessive for a nearly 13 year old, and I love it!


Robin Sallie said...

I loved seeing so much of you guys!

Megan said...

That's a good thing. Glad we didn't wear out our welcome!

Eliz said...

I'm jealous!