I just don't know.

If I'm stupid, crazy, or (fill in the blank).

Proof of Bailey's DNA CHIC blood sample submission for research.

Proof of Buzz's DNA CHIC blood sample submission for research.

I'm in the process of finding a time to schedule CERFs for the aging creatures.  Other than that, not many changes on the home front.


Eliz said...

I want to send in a sample!

elegy said...

Neither :)

I want to get Steve CERFed one of these days when it's convenient.

Megan said...

You guys are the best!

We used to have a CERF clinic with the annual MN ESS show, but then it moved and they don't have it anymore and I'm sad. Then we went to visit a guy an hourish away, but we didn't have time to get there last fall or this spring. I'm shooting for this fall now.

I encourage all people with registered dogs to send in a sample! A cheek swab is only $5 total I think! Blood is significantly more (even with my work no-charge). The shipping is nuts!