Getting By

We've been crazy busy here.  All four creatures and I have been staying at our lake home while the farm is being worked on.  This is both fun and frustrating.  I feel like I've cleaned and cleaned and cleaned, yet it's not really... clean?!  We also have no interwebs, so I've been busy doing other things and neglecting my email.  Rather than the usual 2000 unread emails, I had about 4000 when I checked today.  Oops?

Mostly we're all getting along and adjusting to living in a house that essentially has four rooms.  New development today though was Bailey wanting to eat the kitty litter.  Why on earth does World's Best have to taste good?  TWICE today I caught her chomping down on it.  She's not looking for cat excretions, but really eating the litter!  Then she looks at me with this dry mouth, tongue flapping expression that says "HALP!" and I just laugh at her.

I put up a new shower curtain today, did about five hundred loads of laundry... and washed dishes, floors and vacuumed.  Oh, and I rearranged furniture, and tried to make the litterbox dog un-friendly, but that seemed to make her MORE curious.  Buzz is leaving it alone.  He only cares if there's nasty stuff in it.  I have weird dogs.

I want another bonfire, but I think I burned all the good stuff last night.  Hrmph.

I miss Ohio.  I miss talking about intricate details of competition behavior training.  I miss having a dog to train.  I want a puppy.  Have I whined enough yet?

Oh, and I have to write my food toy article-y thing for work and bring in examples.  Whee!


Crystal said...

Holy cow, that's a lot of unread emails. I suddenly understand why you're a bit slow to respond sometimes... (of course, I also know you're quite busy).

Megan said...

Hahaha, I should really stop emails coming from some yahoo groups, because then the important stuff seems to get lost!

And, I don't really miss Ohio, it's too warm there. I was feeling nostalgic and forgot what it was really like!

Do you keep your inbox clean and debris free?

Crystal said...

I'm obsessive about cleaning out my email box. I also keep all my yahoo groups on digest, which helps. You can also filter things in most email clients so that all of the yahoo group messages go to one inbox, and everything else goes to another inbox- which means you don't miss the "important" emails. Like mine. ;p