Lifetime goals?

I waffle between "that's silly" and "it gives me something to work towards" concerning lifetime goals. Today is an "it gives me something to work towards" goal (and it helps I'm eating a fresh Montana Pomegranate caramel).

Thus, today I am posting lifetime goals and where we stand on the quest.

Buzz, since he's the oldest.
Novice Versatility-completed!
ARCH-1/5 QQs
UCDX-nothing... and we may have to scratch that one, but we'll just see

Bailey, since she's the youngest.
Versatile Companion Dog 4-right now we're just working up the ladder. A VCD4 is chock full of "the good stuff" that we aspire to. A VCD2 is next on the list.
JH-we've begun training and right now I'm looking for a new trainer.

Year goals?
Buzz--definitely his ARCH, and maybe we can grab a UCDX Q or 2.
Bailey--definitely her VCD2 and at least enter a hunt test.


Dawn said...

Hey Megan, my goal for Magic this year is working toward an ARCH too. It will be fun right?

Megan said...

We'll see you around then Dawn! I can't wait to see the Fuzzy Corgi out there again!