Agility Training

Last night the dogs and I went to a run and done at a localish training facility. It wasn't very busy when we got there so that was great. I had no interest in working contacts, so I just signed up for three "JWW" slots. Buzz worked at 8" and Bailey at 12" where they each had one five minute slot and then split the last one. Buzz was feeling SO GOOD! He was running with me and turning and weaving. It was EXCELLENT! We played lots of RUN games and it was a lot of fun. We only worked for about four minutes, but that's all we needed. We started with just two jumps and worked up to about five. I was throwing a toy and treating for tighter turns and RUNNING. What a good boy he is.

Bailey still had some issues, but she was soliciting attention from me and wanting to work so that was excellent. She wasn't moving too fast, but we played a few race games and she DID play with me. Not too much to report on that front except she did 12 weaves multiple times, and single stepped. What a good girl dog!

I hope they offer this again as it is EXACTLY what we need. Work time and break time at our own pace to get back into the mental and physical game of agility.

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Chrissy said...

I'm glad they did so well in training! :-) I hope they keep it up!! :-)