Website Update

I put in a spot to enter Buzz's OFA results and then reconfigured Bailey's health information. A new blurb on her page...

Bailey is Genotypically (DNA) Affected with Progressive Retinal Atrophy. She is currently unafflicted at nine years old. Since the results of her DNA test and the affected result, she has taken a 2mg lutein supplement and 2000+mg of fish oil daily. To date, she still has full vision without any signs of PRA.

She is also hypothyroid. Her full thryroid panel sent to MSU revealed a very low normal. Only one point within the range. Based on her behavioral changes, we decided to treat her with a low dosage. She receives 0.3 mg of Thryoxine twice daily. This has made a huge difference in her life. Bailey contributes to the large number of dogs who have responded incredibly well to treatment of a low normal thyroid. Despite having an OFA number for being within the normal range, she is hypothyroid and on treatment.

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