Upcoming Events

Bailey and I are entered in three trials in the next two weeks. I am so excited to trial!

Next Friday, July 3rd, we are running in the MAC NADAC trial at SoccerBlast!
  • Novice Regular
  • Novice Chances
  • Novice Jumpers
  • Open Tunnelers
The Friday after that, we are will be traveling to Duluth for the rally trial.
  • Rally Excellent B
  • Rally Advanced B
Saturday we're running in the MAC AKC trial at SoccerBlast.
  • Novice Standard Preferred
  • Novice Jumpers Preferred
  • Novice FAST Preferred

I'm going to try to be good and bring the camera for videos as well as ribbon photos!

And just because I feel like it. We need
  • 1 more chances Q for our NCC
  • 1 more regular Q for our NAC
  • 2 more jumpers Qs for our NJC
  • 2 more tunnelers Qs for our TN-O
  • 7 more QQs for our RAE
  • 1 more jumpers Q for our NJP
  • 2 more starndard Qs for our NAP
  • all three fast Qs for our NFP

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