Sporadic Blogging (but I have pictures)

School is over, I graduated (in August...)! Now I just have to take my VTNE in December. The dogs haven't been getting out as much because of a lot of reasons (my injuries, their injuries, time, daylight, I can think of more excuses if I need to) and I also haven't used my camera all summer.

Yesterday we remedied that.

I haven't used my camera in ages, and neither Gabby nor Diego are used to being photographed so most of my initial pictures look like this. They looked nice but as soon as I crouched down to focus, they started moving toward me. Oops.

And then I forgot I had a zoom. But Gabby gave me some great faces anyways.

I always seem to end up with a lot of photos like this. And I'm always worried she's going to stick her nose on my lens! This worry is justified, because she has!

And then I took a bunch of Diego rolling because I find it so adorable.

He really is a handsome dog. He just doesn't often stop long enough for me to admire him!

Oh the derp. I can't stand it.

Rolling was the theme of the day I guess.

Again with the handsome!

Group photo time! Diego looks nice, Gabby looks nice... and Bailey looks stoned.

Diego looks moderately sad. Gabby looks great. Bailey looks less stoned.

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