In the Last 24 Hours

1) I emailed Ruca's new owners for an update. The last one I got was great but it's been a couple of months now and I miss her. I hope she's still doing wonderfully!

2) I hung out with most of my bestest friends last night and ended up bring both dogs along because there was the promise of water-play. Everything was going fine until Bailey was doing a water retrieve three legged, with a barely audible whine but OHMYGOD there is a BUMPER TO BE GOTTEN. So I passed Buzz off to a friend and checked her over. I felt all over her leg and she didn't make a peep. This is the leg she was scheduled to have surgery on last Thursday. The vet thought I was doing it for cosmetic reasons.

3) I gave Buzz a bath, blew him out, and trimmed him. He appreciates the fact that I'm mostly just concerned about hair removal and don't spend hours making him look presentable anymore. I really only use a clippers with a 7F and a straight scissors now. If I can't get it done with those tools, it's not going to get done. He still thinks grooming in general is a waste of time. And then I let him play in Lake Phalen. He probably thinks he smells better now.

4) While hanging out with said bestest friends, we made grilled cheese, on the grill.
photo courtesy of Sara R

5) I have decided that the best use of my morning will be to do nothing. I have a long list of what I should do (clean my bedroom, clean the bathroom, clean the stairs, do laundry, dust, vacuum, clean out the car, etc) but instead I've been sitting in bed with the dogs and just enjoying the quiet morning.

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Kristen said...

Your dogs NEED ears.

You still need to do the pizza on the grill. Super easy! Super delicious!