X-Mas break '06/'07

Since this is new, I'll fill everyone in on what has happened recently.

Of course I have some photo of this memorable christmas break... even though some aren't the best quality. (Someone *ahem* was playing with a new digital camera that wasn't a point and shoot! And that someone still hasn't figured out how to take action shots. But I'm not complaining *grin* really...)

I had a fun Christmas break planned with the doggies. I was confident in the foundation I layed for the dogs so I decided that some brushing up would get us in competing form.
With that in mind, we had three days planned for some fun competing!

Dec 30th- NADAC

*the Buzz-man ran in Jumpers, Touch N Go, and Chances... the amazing dogger he is Q'd in ALL THREE runs!

*Bailey, the dog who can't weave in public... DID! A total of 18 poles were weaved with enthusiasm and speed by that little girlie! I was SO proud and of COURSE there was a jackpot for a performance like that! Heck, I wasn't even planning on running the full course, we were gonna go play in tunnels, and she entered the weaves on her OWN!

Jan 6th- AKC
*Buzz was entered in Rally Novice. We only needed one leg to finish this boys FIRST title! Which we DID! He finished his RN with a 98! That was a very happy day! That's an accomplishment I'll NEVER forget. My boy and I had fun together and rocked it in a highly stressful environment, what a day to remember!

*Bailey played Jrs dog with her co-owner. We had a lot of fun grooming her and practicing with her. There was a huge delay so she was ready an hour and a half early. So, she was tired and hot by the time their ring time rolled around. We learned a lot that day though and as always, the kiddo and Bailey are improving as a team!

Jan 13th- APDT
*Buzz and I decided to give APDT Rally-O a try. Boy was that a lot of fun! It was hosted by some really good friends from the MN Mixed Breed Club so just being there was a blast. We only entered one run, but ended up with a 203 which is a qualifying score! He was fabulous and being able to give treats in the ring REALLY boosted his ring attitude! As a BONUS (hehe), he got ALL ten BONUS points! We will definitely be competing in APDT again!

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